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Working Paper

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Spring 5-2015


From the dawn of the 21st century, due to emerging technologies, renovations of infrastructure and information explosion, most libraries have been transformed from information storage places to learning gateways, and librarians have played the role as learning facilitators. During the transformative journey, along with the on-going building structural reconstruction, environmental improvement, and thoughtful adoption of technologies, libraries energized the librarians to take on new challenges and expanded the scope of library services in a state-of-the-art environment. As a result, in a modern era, what are the standard services in libraries as gateways? How has librarianship been re-defined and performed to live up to the expectation from the society? This article is my attempt to get these questions addressed. In the meantime, to facilitate my descriptions of services, I am taking my workplace, an urban college library, as a case in point.



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