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This Special Issue for the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies emerged out of a disappointed search for literature on the experiences of neoliberal education as spoken by children and youth. While there is no shortage of work on the reverberations of market ideology within the structures, policies, and practices of schooling in the United States, an overwhelming majority of this is discussed through the reflective hindsight of the adult. Thus, we as editors, purposefully designed this issue to address the marginalization of a constituency who we believe can illuminate the state of schooling in ways that we as adults cannot. In this introduction, we put the child and youth in question by interrogating commonly held beliefs that regard such as natural,determined and predictable life stages defined by colloquial uptakes and developmental theories. With the aim of understanding these concepts as social productions, we present the following nine articles as examples of how children and youth are reclaiming discursive spaces both in and out of school sites, providing adult teachers, teacher educators, and policy-makers with experiential grounds upon which to rethink how neoliberal practices impact them as individual beings.


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