Date of Award

Summer 8-4-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Dr. Jeremy Glick

Second Advisor

Dr. Marlene Hennessy

Academic Program Adviser

Dr. Janet Neary


An evaluation of Graham Greene's Brighton Rock as it apprehends the Catholic novel as form. With ample assistance from Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory, Robert Hugh Benson's The Lord of the World, and select works of Fredric Jameson—most notably The Political Unconscious—this analysis seeks to clarify the politico-spiritual "horizon" evident in Greene's first "Catholic novel." By reviewing the novel through the lens of both Catholic theology and modern historical dialectic material criticism, this evaluation reclaims Graham Greene's early political radicalism that critics identify better in his later, less-religious texts. Discovered most clearly in the ending of Brighton Rock, this paper reshapes the text's conclusion from a solution offered to society via narrative to a location. Once this spatial aspect of the novel's ending has been established, one can recognize the potential within lived Catholic experience to synthesize with a concordant working-class consciousness.



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