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Joseph Kosseh- "The Color of My Skin";

George Alvarenga- "Journal of a Theater Class";

Arkady Grunin- "The Dynamic Changes of the New York Jewish Identity: An Examination of Past and Present";

Adelyn Castro- "Celebrating Earth Day, Because a Good Planet is Hard to Find";

Leonardo Garcia- "Backscatter Airport Scanners & the Effects from Its Emission of Low Energy X-rays";

Damar Simpson- "Response to “Song of Extinction” by E.M. Lewis, as Performed by Hostos Students";

Fausto Melo Morillo- "El Camino Del Alumno";

Yanelvy Batista Frias- "¡Será Posible!";

Manuel Pena- "Corazón Fragentado";

Hector Feliz- "La Soledad Acompañando una Isla (una poema prosa)";

Hector Feliz- "The Solitude Accompanying an Island (a prose poem)";

Sabenny Madrigal- "My Battle for Gender Equality: Saving Lives";

Biljana Trajkoska- "Being Different is Difficult Because Society is Too Rigid";

Ellyd Gonzalez- "Newfound Vision";

Eddine Baret- "Control Over Your Own Body is True Freedom";

Inez Gallon- "Zadie Smith";

Nare Kun Wangari- "Muta Maathai";

Sandra Joseph- "Luisa Capetillo";

Alma Cintron- "All It Took Was a Smile";

Alma Cintron- "Lost in Your Eyes";

Alma Cintron- "My Constant Pain";

Jenie Infante & Nadica Maitland- "Exquisite Collaboration";

Danisha Eaddy- "I’m Still Here";

Danisha Eaddy- "Keeping the Rain Company";

Danisha Eaddy- "Four Seasons of Love";

Lina Ronquillo- "Libros, Libros y Más Libros";

Marco Sanchez- "Should I Go?";

Roy Simmons- "A Letter";

German Santos- "Knowing Your Leadership Role";

Nadica Maitland- "Remind Me to Forget";

Nadica Maitland- "The Bird";

Nadica Maitland- "The World I Live In";

Floralba Lopez- "Traveling in My Body";

Floralba Lopez- "Looking Into Them";

(artwork) Ebenezer Arthur- "Face";

(artwork) Ebenezer Arthur- "Street Scene";

(artwork) Guadalupe Galindo- "Kary Mar";

(artwork) Guadalupe Galindo- "Have Some Bloody Tea";

(artwork) Bryan Chalas- "Demi Lovato";

(artwork) Alma Cintron- "Wild Palms";

(artwork) Amara Dioubate- "Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein, & Stephen Hawking Hang Out";

(artwork) Pablo Martinez- "Altered States";

(artwork) Jessica Emiliano- "Final City";

(artwork) Jordan Gonzalez- "Self-Portrait";

(artwork) Jordan Gonzalez -"The Two Travelers";

(artwork) Raisa Ruiz- "Tranquil Landscape";

(artwork) German Santos- "Chorus of Birds";

(artwork) Ashley Ferrara- "Self-Portrait";

(artwork) Margarito Balbuena- "Isolation";

(artwork) Coully Traore- "Native View";

(artwork) Maldrin Torres- "El Toro";

(artwork) Jordan Gonzalez- "Trains";



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