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Eric Stewart- "Same Love: Examining the Relationship Between David and Jonathan";

Santee Agrispin- "Music in my Life";

Jessica Anchundia- "Where I’m From";

Ahmed Caraballo- "A Life With Meaning";

Dina Esquivel- "How ‘McDonaldization’ Affects Our Society";

Jose Javier Castro- "Anonymously Yours";

Jose Javier Castro- "Homeland Uprootal";

Jose Javier Castro- "Gone but not Forgotten";

Earl Justice- "Dreamality";

Gisselle Belia- "Adios";

Eric Stewart- "After the Arrest: Exploring the Inner Workings of the New York State Criminal Justice System";

Karla Ferrera- "Poetry: The Awakening of a Creative Self";

Mario Leazard- "Sisters are Good Listeners";

Marlenny Toribio- "Finding Ways";

Angelica Rodriguez- "Antes de Morir";

Angelica Rodriguez- "Let It Be";

Isia Mejia- "Moving Forward";

Luis Ojeda- "The Ethical Development of a People: A Review of Eugenio Maria de Hostos’ Work";

Kendra Francilot- "Can Education and Autonomy for all Improve Society?"

Berkis Beroa Reyes- "Eugenio Maria de Hostos y Su Lucha Por La Educacion De La Mujer";

Marlon Guzman- "Hostos, Un Pensador Empirico";

Joseph Kosseh- "But My Lips Won";

Joseph Kosseh- "Can’t Waste Time";

Nadica Maitland & Jenie Infante- "At a Distance";

Nadica Maitland- "Broken";

Brittany Rojas- "Development of the Female Detective";

Melissa Ruiz- "Sex, Lesbianism, and the True Good Girl";

Kayly Lacroix- "Neither the Soul Nor the Heart Has a Distinct Gender";

Eliaza Lopez- "Issues of Sexuality in The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell";

Lamone Cotler- "Infectious Inequalities: The Modern Plagues";

Angellica Sitnyakovskaya- "'Stop the Hate': a Civic Engagement Project 105 for Gender and Work";

Rita Agboli- "My Dad is a Great Father";

Ryan Bannon- "Dolores Huerta, My Mother and Me";

Cinthia Alcantara- "Degraded Because He Likes Mocassins";

Alain Elie- "Dolores Huerta";

Sara Ladino Cano- "An Ideal Society";

Shiraz Bagaru- "The Importance of Gender Equality Around the World"

(artwork) Rainer Rodriguez- "Canal and Bridge";

(artwork) Ramon Cardenas- "Old Wood Building";

(artwork) Randy Peralta- "Here’s Looking at You";

(artwork) Ashley Ferrara- "Flash & Champ";

(artwork) Olga Savchenko- "Playing with the Fire";

(artwork) Joseph Alba- "Cosmos";

(artwork) Ummo Ragmunde- "All Washed Up on the Shores of Life";

(artwork) Ummo Ragmunde- "Cosmic Doctors Examine Toscanini’s Heart";

(artwork) Raymond Curbelo- "Old Man";

(artwork) Sarah Yanes- "Chrysler Building, NYC";

(artwork) Corey Paniaqua- "Moonscape";

(artwork) Abdelrahman Saad- "Muhammad Ali Pasha";

(artwork) Makea Lowe- "Hostos is the PathMaker to Success";

(artwork) Ashley Roman- "Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona";

(artwork) Syreeta Edwards- "Awesome";

(artwork) Gisvell Brito- "Cancer Survivor";

(artwork) Zaira Ramos- "Puerto Rican Within";

(artwork) Zaira Ramos- "Pink Umbrella in Snow";

(artwork) Pablo Quezada- "Freedom Tower";

(artwork) Farhana Islam- "South China Sea with Boats";



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