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Summer 6-23-2016


Plants are the source of a broad spectrum of biologically active phytochemicals. For effective defense against pathogens and abiotic stress, plants have developed complicated chemical strategies with different mechanisms of action. By harnessing these phytochemicals, humans have used plants for medicinal purposes for over 30,000 years, and they remain a valuable source for the development of modern therapeutics. Plant-derived materials are utilized as pharmaceuticals, botanical drugs, dietary supplements (nutraceuticals), functional food ingredients, and cosmeceuticals. The Global Institute for Bioexploration (GIBEX), an international conglomerate of researchers, is involved in multiple botanical therapeutics discovery and development programs.


Dushenkov, V., B. L. Graf and M. A. Lila (2016). Botanical therapeutics in the modern world. Biological characteristics of medicinal and aromatic plants and role of these plants in medicine N. I. Sidelnikov. Moscow, Russia FGBNU, VILAR: 50-54.



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