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Winter 1-31-2008


This master's thesis focuses on the West Bronx recent past and illustrates what upward mobility meant for the Grand Concourse neighborhood populated with second generation immigrant groups at the beginning of the 20th century, including Jewish, Italian and Irish people. Later, most of the same area became a slum at the hands of city planners, New York City administration, and negative media portrayals. Race and ethnicity became even more talked about when non-white immigrants and migrants began moving to the Grand Concourse in huge numbers after World War Two.Through a celebrated Bronx past before 1950 and eventually the sensational media portrayals of the 1970s, the best residential and civic architecture in America stood sentry over the Grand Concourse. This thesis will also illustrate the remarkable changes and investments being made in the Bronx during the current decade as exemplified by the new Yankee Stadium and Bronx Terminal Market. The future of this neighborhood is also discussed by four informed and involved community residents.


Public History and Neighborhood Walking Tour



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