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Fall 2018


[John Jay College’s research magazine.] Welcome to the inaugural issue of Impact, a celebration of the extraordinary work of the scholars and artists at John Jay College. John Jay has been on an incredible journey. Our grant portfolio has grown by more than 70 percent in just five years, and the scholarship produced by our faculty has increased by over 50 percent in this same period. In this issue, we share with you just a few of these incredible projects. Like the work of Christopher Herrmann, Eric Piza, Preeti Chauhan and Phil Goff on the practices and policies of policing. They are studying how data can improve the operation of police forces around the country, and their work is helping law enforcement professionals understand how their actions and policies impact the communities they serve. Or Meredith Dank, Jamie Longazel and Ben Lapidus, whose research examining the experiences of modern day immigrants has helped to enrich the national conversation on immigration. Collectively, their work is a powerful counterweight to the climate of fear that has gripped the country. And the work of Jonathan Gray, Silvia Mazzula, Kevin Nadal and Ed Paulino, which is helping us understand the consequences of racial bias and how one’s identity is shaped by the forces and events around them. The impact of our scholars is not lost on our students, who have been guided and mentored to pursuing their own projects that change the world around them. We are able to share with you just a handful of our inspiring current students and alumni—for example, Joseph Mahmud, Steven Pacheco and Donauta Watson-Starcevic, who are developing a mobile application to help connect the formerly incarcerated with willing employers—but every single one of our students is worth getting to know. John Jay scholars and students are achieving remarkable things. Their work is helping us better understand ourselves, and the world around us. Thank you to everyone who helped us make Impact a reality, and we look forward to presenting the diversity of John Jay scholarship in this and future issues.



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