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Fall 2019


[John Jay College's research magazine]. Welcome to the 2019 issue of Impact! This has been another great year for our scholars, as they set new milestones for scholarly works produced and reached new heights in competitive grants secured. And while a number of things have gotten easier now that we’ve produced the second issue of this magazine, one thing that remains difficult is choosing from all the possible great stories at the College to select the few that we can cover in these pages. In this issue, we explore several important social justice issues; first among these, the legacy of violence in Central and South America. From the invasion of Panama, to dictatorships in Chile, Brazil and elsewhere—John Jay scholars are helping us to understand the entangled history of U.S. interventions in the region. Closer to home, several of our Research Centers are providing empirical evidence that is guiding policy toward making New York safer—whether alternatives to incarceration or community-based solutions to violence, this work has a direct impact on the city that surrounds us. And in our third feature, we look at how college scholars are contributing to a more just justice system by weighing in on issues such as eyewitness memory, expert testimony and questioning of child witnesses. We have much to celebrate in this issue, like the 10th anniversary of our National Network for Safe Communities. And so much to be proud of, like the light our scholars are shining on issues of prejudice and racism, and the work our students are doing in the sciences, social sciences, and other fields. My special thanks to all those who contributed to this second edition of John Jay College’s research magazine. We hope you enjoy it, and learn as much as we have from these stories.



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