Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


International Crime and Justice



First Advisor or Mentor

Yuliya Zabyelina

Second Reader

Andrew Sidman


Sextortion is a form of corruption involving sexual exploitation, in which requests for monetary bribes are replaced by requests for sexual acts. Within Latin America, this crime is especially pertinent in Guatemala. Therefore, this study aims to identify which factors contribute to the occurrence of sextortion within Guatemala, while also analyzing the larger realm of violence against women. Based on semi-structured interviews with local experts and civil society activists, this study argues that sextortion is enabled by deficiencies within Guatemalan criminal justice institutions when detecting and prosecuting this crime. In order to effectively counter sextortion, more emphasis needs to be placed on bridging the gaps in legislation that fail to comprehensively criminalize sextortion, addressing barriers faced by victims when reporting the crime, eradicating the patriarchal ideology of the machista culture, increasing societal awareness regarding this crime, and providing sufficient resources and cadres for victims, law enforcement agents, judges, and civil society organizations.


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