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Citation analyses were carried out on master’s thesis in three disciplines, forensic psychology, forensic science and criminal justice, completed and deposited in John Jay library from 1991 to 2004. The aim was to determine the effect of availability of electronic journals on students’ choice of references. The number of journal citations and the ratio of journal articles to all citations was assessed. Criminal justice theses listed more citations that either science of psychology theses, but relatively fewer journal articles. An increase over time was seen in the number of journal articles cited and in the ratio of journal articles to all citations only for the psychology theses. Few students identified whether the work cited was consulted in electronic or print format.


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Sexton, E. (2006). Journal use by graduate students as indicated by masters’ theses bibliographies at an urban commuter college, 1991-2004. Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian, 24(2): 93-111. DOI:



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