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Participation in a learning community has been widely recognized as a high impact educational practice. Here, we focus on a highly successful partnership between a psychology professor (JGF) and an English professor (KAH), who codesigned and cotaught a first-year cocurricular (Psychology/English Composition) learning community (LC) course for multiple semesters at a large public Minority/Hispanic Serving Institution in the Northeast. We describe how we created co-curricular links between our courses, which hinged in part on a collaborative podcast assignment based on psychology-themed books. We detail how we built a strong sense of community, designed scaffolded assignments targeting skills, such as information literacy and cooperation, and describe the impact that participation in the learning community had on student success.


Grose-Fifer, J., & Helmer, K.A. (2020). Student success in Psychology-English learning communities. In A. Schwartz & R. L. Miller (Eds.), High impact educational practices: A review of best practices with illustrative examples. Society for the Teaching of Psychology.



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