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In response to a marked increase in the prevalence and severity of mental health problems among college students over the last decade, colleges and universities have been expanding their well-being initiatives and programs. No longer limited to health services departments, the support of student well-being has been taken up by multiple campus units, including academic libraries. As well-being has been shown to impact academic outcomes, the well-being initiatives libraries develop fit in with their commitment to enhance learning and student educational experience overall. A comprehensive review of wellness interventions in academic libraries, this article presents findings on student well-being and provides a rationale for institutional responses to the crisis. It describes well-being initiatives across library collections, services, and spaces. It then critiques the trend and includes recommendations for implementing effective and assessable well-being initiatives. The article ends with a brief discussion of library well-being initiatives during COVID-19.


Bladek, M. (2021). “Student Well-Being and Academic Libraries: Promoting, Fostering, and Prioritizing The Whole Student,” The Journal of Academic Librarianship 47.3: 102349.



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