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Spring 4-18-2021


This assignment aims at making instruction student-centered where students would participate in the curation of content. Using findings from prior conducted research and group discussions, students will present some economic indicators and the performance of the economy of a country of their choice (students self-selects the country to be researched). For example, the student is asked to identify the latest recession experienced by the selected country using the historical real GDP data collected and analyzed in stage two. Having identified the time of the recession, the student is asked to explain what happened to the other economic indicators, such as inflation rate and unemployment rate during that specific time.

Assignment Learning Outcomes:

  • Interpret, graph, and explain the macroeconomic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), unemployment rate, inflation rate, etc.
  • Identify a recession and explain it in relation to the macroeconomic indicator of real GDP.
  • Relate and interpret the relationship of various macroeconomic indicators, such as real GDP, inflation rate, and unemployment.

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