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The Pedagogy of Cultural Studies, edited by Andrew Hickey, seeks to expand understandings of pedagogy beyond the formal classroom to something one practices when doing research, when bringing academia into engagement with the wider society and when engaging in social activism. In examining Cultural Studies pedagogy, the contributors to this book hope to understand how the discipline is currently defined to determine future directions for, and practice in, this field. This review considers the relevance of The Pedagogies of Cultural Studies for those in sport and education. Contributors to this volume varyingly examine how Cultural Studies scholars have educational exchanges with the public beyond academia and the politics of self-other exchanges in Cultural Studies research, as well as issues of multicultural policy, border crossing, supporting disaster/crisis survivors, and gender politics in sport. In keeping with Cultural Studies’ aims to explore issues of power and domination in society, this volume has relevance for socio-culturally reflexive educators and those that they serve both in schools and communities.


Originally published in Sport, Education and Society, 2019, 24(7), p. 784-787.



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