Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Dannielle Tegeder


My thesis paper describes my master art project of paintings about the New York City Subway riders commuting routine prior and during the Coronavirus. As a regular subway rider myself I am closely connected with this particular art project because I witnessed the subway riders endure the most contagious viral pandemic of the 21st century. My thesis recounts how from a few sketches and photo shots of people in the subway this art project developed into a collection of paintings carefully completed on large linen canvas and acrylic medium. The initial set of my paintings narrate typical NYC subway rider routines prior to the arrival of Covid-19. Mainly portraits of persons riding alone; families socializing; visitors planning their next destinations, etc. However, the remaining set of paintings, completed during the pandemic, depict riders absorbed in a tense and unpleasant NYC subway routine evidently revealing the signs of a dire pandemic. Primarily, my thesis paper mostly emphasizes how the global viral pandemic of Covid-19 altered in a significant degree our NYC subway rider’s routine. Now riders consistently wear face masks, mind social distance and avoid social interactions. As illustrated through my paintings and accentuated in my thesis paper, these required sanitary rules and adapted safety measures clearly transformed the once lively ambience of the NYC subway commute. Just as embodied in my thesis document, it is evident that we, loyal NYC subway riders, have been profoundly affected by the intrusive Coronavirus. Yet, we also know that hope is on the horizon.


Especial Dedication:

With this thesis art project I intend to honor those brave NYC Subway riders that endured, prior and after 2020, the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic. And for those that perished due to this viral infection I dedicate all my subway's paintings to their memories.



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