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Spring January 2014


Objectives to translate and culturally adapt to Brazilian Portuguese the Developing Nurses' Thinking model, used as a strategy for teaching clinical reasoning. Method the translation and cultural adaptation were undertaken through initial translation, synthesis of the translations, back-translation, evaluation by a committee of specialists and a pre-test with 33 undergraduate nursing students. Results the stages of initial translation, synthesis of the translations and back-translation were undertaken satisfactorily, small adjustments being needed. In the evaluation of the translated version by the committee of specialists, all the items obtained agreement over 80% in the first round of evaluation and in the pre-test with the students, so the model was shown to be fit for purpose. Conclusion the use of the model as a complementary strategy in the teaching of diagnostic reasoning is recommended, with a view to the training of nurses who are more aware regarding the diagnostic task and the importance of patient safety.



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