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TOC: Life at LaGuardia…3/ LaGuardia At Work…11/College-Wide Activities…20/Mayor LaGuardia…26/Martin Luther King…28/Statue of Liberty…30/Activities and Trips…33/Recreation…52/Student Government and Clubs…56/Faculty and Staff…64/Letters to Graduates…83/Class ’85…87/Class ’86…115/Dedication to the Challenger…156/Boosters and Ads…158 Yearbook Committee: Project Director, VINCENT BANREY; Asst. Project Director, CATHY WHAN; Editor-in-Chief, MARGARET NEISS; Layout Editor, HORACIO OWENS; Asst. Layout Editor, MARICRUZ SAUNDERS; Copy Editor/Captain Editor, UMOJA KWANGUVU; Typesetter, EDWARD HOLLINS; Cover Artist, DAVID VAZQUEZ; End Sheets Photo, YOUNG BAEK CHOI; Finance Manager, GEORGE BERMUDEZ; Photographers: HORACIO OWENS, MARINA DIAZ, MARGARET NEISS, LORI GEORGE, RANDY FADER SMITH, UMOJA KWANGUVU, JUAN SEGARRA, PETER ABBATE, CLASSIC STUDIO; Production Staff: HORACIO OWENS, MARGARET NEISS, MARINA DIAZ, UMOJA KWANGUVU, MARICRUZ SAUNDERS, IRENE LEBRON, ARLENE BANREY, QUAALAN SAMUELS, MAYRA ALDONADO, CATHY WHAN, RAVI RAMDASS, GEORGE BERMUDEZ, BLANCA ARBITO, EDWARD HOLLINS, BRIDGET DAVIS; Feature Writers: YVONNE CANNON AND HARRIET ASCHOFF ("LaGuardia at Work"); GEORGE BERMUDEZ ("Mayor LaGuardia, A Civil Rights Political Leader"); SCOTT ENGEL ("Statue Of Liberty"); JEFFREY DAVIS ("Tribute to Ron Miller"); MARICRUZ SAUNDERS ("Challengers"); CASSANDRA WILLIAMS ("King: The Vision and the Fulfillment").



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