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25th Anniversary LaGuardia Community College/CUNY 1971-1996; 28 January 1997; 62 pages; b&w, color photographs; includes 1996/97 Yearbook Committee letter: This Yearbook, the first of its kind at LaGuardia since 1989/90, represents yet another collaborative effort by LaGuardia Students, faculty and staff in commemoration of the College's 25 years of success and innovation. The book features a special 4-page color section focusing on two of the qualities that have made LaGuardia Students stand out: leadership and empowerment. TOC: Message from Yearbook Committee…2 / Message from the President…3 / Message from the S.G.A. President…4 / The Deans…5 / Facts about LaGuardia…6 / Club life…8 / Poetry Corner…12 / LaGuardia’s Town Meeting…14 / LaGuardia’s 25th Anniversary Celebration…16 / Honor's Night…28 / Student Government Association 97/98…30 / Student Leadership/Student Empowerment…32 / The Graduates…33 / Credits…62



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