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This assignment is the midterm for the one-credit course LRC103, a library instruction course that teaches analytical thinking, problem-solving, and information literacy skills necessary for academic research and digital citizenship. It is aligned with LaGuardia’s Inquiry and Problem Solving Core Competency and Digital Communication Ability rubrics. This assignment was peer reviewed and revised in the “Learning Matters: The Pedagogy of the Digital Ability” CTL seminar in 2017-2018. In the seminar, my work was reviewed by each of the participants as well as the leaders. I used their feedback to revise the assignment. In this sense, the seminar not only helped me develop the assignment, it allowed me to receive feedback from across the disciplines.

In this assignment, students advance the Digital Communication Ability as outlined in LaGuardia Community College’s communication ability rubric, through digital collaboration and interaction in BlackBoard educational technology. Students use technology to both critique writing and communicate in a digital environment. This digital communication, employing collaborative exchange and interactive elements to enhance digital composition, also promotes digital literacy. As defined, digital literacy is more than simply digital skills using technology.

The assignment adheres to Scholarship as Conversation, one of the six frames outlined in the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. Students develop their information literate abilities by:

  1. citing the contributing work of others in their own information production,
  2. contributing to scholarly conversation in a guided discussion,
  3. and critically evaluating contributions made by their peers.

LaGuardia’s Core Competencies and Communication Abilities

Main Course Learning Objectives:

  • Students will cite the contributing work of others in their own information production.
  • Students will interact and critically evaluate contributions made by their peers.
  • Students will contribute to scholarly conversation in a guided discussion.


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