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This Ethics and Moral Issues (HUP 104) assignment incorporates the main elements of the rubrics for both Inquiry and Problem Solving (IPS) Core Competency as well as the Oral Communication Ability. It deposits Capstone Oral/IPS. The emphasis on the organization of the student’s speech, evaluation of research that represents diverse points of view on the problem chosen, and emphasis on building an argument from true premises to well-supported conclusions all speak to the IPS rubric. The emphasis on communicating clearly the stakes of the problem and the student’s solutions, the credibility and diversity of the research sources, as well as the nuances of attention to audience, body language, and voice all speak to the Oral Communication Ability rubric. The students typically come from many Liberal Arts majors, with at least one or two from Philosophy. They are typically second-semester or second-year students who are more advanced than incoming Freshmen. This assignment is staged across the semester. We build up to this step about ten weeks into the semester and actively work on it for about two weeks prior to the presentations, which take a week of class to produce. This assignment is worth 10% of the final grade. It was revised during the 2017-2018 Learning Matters Mini-Grant process, where the Philosophy Team, with help from Professor Patricia Sokolski, assessed artifacts from a previous version of the assignment and determined that the students’ attention to audience, active listening, and incorporation of research were the weakest points. All of this has been revised at the rubric-level as well as in the classroom work leading up to the presentation.

LaGuardia’s Core Competencies and Communication Abilities


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