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Two of the core competencies designated for The First Year Seminar Liberal Arts Math and Science (LMF 101) course are Integrative Learning and Global Learning along with oral communication. These abilities are exercised by students in the Career/Interview Presentation project. The main goal of the assignment is to promote student networking within the scientific community through interviews with an expert in the field. Also the FYS students will conduct background research about their career choices and use their findings to determine if they can be realized when interviewing a professional. The assignment is scaffolded whereby students will learn to use on-line resources to search for information about the profession and use on-line tools to material in preparation for the interview. Students will learn how to write professional emails, network and create PowerPoint slides. After the class presentation, students are asked to write a reflection in their ePortfolio on their career choice and interview experiences. The time dedicated for this project is on the order of weeks and counts for 20% (15% oral presentation and 5 % reflection) of the final grade.


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