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This assignment is for a Fantasy Autobiography essay in the Liberal Arts: Social Sciences and Humanities FYS. It includes a research element as well as reflection. It is a high-stakes assignment worth 15% of the course grade and involves secondary research with an option to include primary research and auto-ethnography.

There are three low-stakes writing tasks, a co-curricular activity write-up, and a presentation that lead up to this final essay. Students collect data at each of these stages and compile a draft that is a narrative of their past experiences as a student in high school, and that weaves in their LaGuardia experiences (in-class and co-curricular) and then visualizes a story of future professional success.

Students revise the Autobiography draft over Week 9-10 using instructor feedback (on both content and mechanics) and present a condensed version of their essay to the class using a Powerpoint slideshow.

Relevant Course Objectives:

The following instructional objectives are the goals of the course (what the instructor expects to achieve):

1. Familiarize students with the types of research and methods utilized in the liberal arts.

2. Provide students with fundamental writing, reading and speaking opportunities necessary to develop essential skills for college success.

3. Familiarize students with key academic support resources related to student life and engage them in using these resources to advance academic success.

4. Connect students with their advising team, which will guide them in setting goals, exploring educational and career options, and developing an individualized educational plan.

5. Design opportunities for students to situate and contextualize their learning by making connections across disciplines, to prior learning, and to non-academic learning experiences, including co-curricular learning.


This resource is part of the First Year Seminar Curricular Resources.

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