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Designed for LIF101: Liberal Arts First Year Seminar, “Who Am I? DegreeWorks Edition” is developed with the intention to help students (and maybe also their professors!) navigate Pathways [a system of general education requirements and transfer guidelines designed to ease student transfer between CUNY colleges] facilitate advising, and understand general degree expectations. By projecting an actual DegreeAudit in class, students better understand academic requirements as well as their academic profile within CUNY.

The entire assignment takes one to two hours of class time, and then a further two to three hours for students to complete on their own. Obviously, as an advising lesson, this assignment synthesizes a number of advising discussions and exercises conducted previously, and then asks students to integrate this previous knowledge in order to understand where they stand with their degree—and, more importantly, what is left to be done. This assignment is worth 5% of their grade. If possible, conduct this activity in a computer lab in order to have them see their own work in real time.


This resource is part of the First Year Seminar Curricular Resources.

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