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This assignment is designed for First Year Seminar -- Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Science majors.

The main course objectives addressed are that students:

  • Demonstrate engagement in the life of the college and their use of key academic support services, advisement, and co-curricular organizations and activities critical to meeting those goals.
  • Show growing mastery of the writing, reading, and speaking skills, as well as the study and management strategies essential for college success.

The primary purposes of this written and oral report are to encourage students to discover and use the campus resources and co-curricular opportunities critical for their success at LaGuardia and to further their skill in public speaking and writing. But it also goes a long way in helping students who have trouble participating in class to speak up and to practice public speaking in preparation for the PowerPoint presentation they will give at the end of the semester. In addition, the roundtable discussion offers guided practice in active listening and note-taking, underscores the habit of interdependent thinking and learning, and fosters classroom community by giving students a chance to hear about and respond to one another’s interests and concerns.

Scaffolding: Students are introduced to college resources in the lecture and in an ePortfolio exercise and scavenger hunt that asks them to visit the Health Center, Writing Center, and other offices where they can get help. They then attend our college club fair, Spring Fest, together as a class, and in the lecture practice using journalism’s 5 W’s to gather information and write a report. For the roundtable discussion, the whole class is seated in a circle and before giving their individual reports, students share tips on effective public speaking and active listening. They also are directed to fill out the attached active listening worksheet and ask at least one question, and are encouraged to be supportive of classmates. Listening, writing, and speaking are included in the evaluation of the report. (See the rubric, attached.) The idea of interdependent learning is also highlighted in a class discussion of the required text, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, as we consider what promotes the protagonist’s success and the role that assistance plays in every hero’s quest. Finally, students discuss the campus resources and co-curricular activities that helped them in a final reflection essay at term’s end.

This assignment is worth 10% of the final grade. It takes approximately 2 weeks to complete. Each student presentation lasts 3-5 minutes.


This resource is part of the First Year Seminar Curricular Resources.

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