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This assignment falls within Fine Arts’ Intermediate Studio Elective and is a final deposit for Global Learning Core Competency and Oral Communication Ability. The students are primarily advanced majors. Students will work on this assignment over the course of several weeks as it is scaffolded throughout the semester. It is worth 10% of the final grade. This assignment was modified during the course of the Global Learning Assignment workshop, and was built during Fine Arts’ Learning Matters! Mini Grant. During this grant process, Fine Arts revamped global assignments to better meet the rubric. We worked together in our grant team to revise the assignment, then worked with Drs. Christopher Schmidt and Karen Miller for feedback. We then performed a mini norming session and benchmark reading on the assignment, and further adjustments were made.

LaGuardia’s Core Competencies and Communication Abilities

Main Course Learning Objectives:

This assignment meets two course objectives:

  1. To create an oral presentation on a work of global graphic narrative.
  2. Interpret a work of sequential narrative using visual analysis.

The assignment also meets several Program Learning Outcomes.

Communicate effectively through:

  1. oral critiques and presentations
  2. written assignments demonstrating an understanding of art and artists in a global historical and contemporary context
  3. creation of a portfolio demonstrating proficiency in digital documentation and presentation of work

A required component of this assignment is writing a script for a video or audio presentation that would communicated the students’ understanding of selected text’s global elements as the author has presented them. The required recording will be about 5-7 minutes long.

Students that complete this assignment will be expected to:

  1. --demonstrate an understanding of global issues and events by identifying their interdependent implications on the natural, social, cultural, economic, and political world.
  2. --communicate an awareness of how diverse cultural perspectives are shaped within global contexts. Ability to communicate across difference.
  3. --show an ethical engagement and global self-awareness by recognizing the ethical dimensions of global issues (e.g., environment, education, housing, healthcare, etc.), articulating global self-awareness, and analyzing human action on global issues and events.>


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