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This assignment was developed as part of a 2018-19 Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) -sponsored Learning Matters Global Learning Mini-grant awarded to support the ENG 259 Technical Writing course. This course is required for engineering students as the second course in their composition sequence to be taken in lieu of ENG 102. The aim of the mini-grant was to integrate LaGuardia’s Global Learning Core Competency into the ENG 259 course via the development of a high stakes global learning assignment. The assignment was developed during the Fall 2018 CTL Learning Matters Mini-Grant seminar meetings led by Drs. Karen Miller and Christopher Schmidt. Based on comments I received from the seminar meeting leaders as well as my mini-grant mentor, Ms. Cristina Di Meo, I developed the final version of the assignment shown here.

LaGuardia’s Core Competencies and Communication Abilities

The assignment is designed to meet the Global Learning core competency and the Written Communication ability. It is also designed to meet the ENG 259 Technical Writing course outcomes involving producing a written report that applies effective technical writing practices such as clarity, concision, and correctness and meets the needs of a specific target audience who requires an easy to understand document to become better acquainted with the work that engineers may perform.

The assignment comprises a three-part exploratory technical report investigating a global problem engineers are working to solve. Part I requires the identification of a specific global problem involving where it takes place, why it occurs, whom it affects, and what social, cultural, or political factors might contribute to or exacerbate it. Part II requires discussion of what engineers are doing to solve the problem; and Part III requires analysis of the effectiveness of the solution(s); it also asks students to reflect on how completing the report has enlarged their understanding of the global aspects of engineering work and may have catalyzed new or more enhanced engineering ambitions. The assignment comprises a total of 20% of the final grade since the required draft and final version is each worth up to 10 points.


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