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The Cultural Diversity in Healthcare assignment is designed for the SCX 101 Patient care course. This assignment was first implemented in 2011 and has undergone significant revisions in the past few years from individual presentation to collaborative group presentation in 2013 and the connection to the Health Science First Year Seminar (HSF) assignment in 2018. The most recent revisions made were through the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) workshop on Global Learning in Fall 2018. Feedback from the CTL seminar led to the inclusion of the Learning Objectives of the assignment and prompts that direct students to relate their topic to possible clinical scenario. The feedback from the seminar participants was particularly useful in tweaking the assignment to meet all the dimensions of LaGuardia’s Global Learning Core Competency rubric. Their feedback also helped in providing clearer instructions to the students.

The purpose of this two-part assignment is to learn from each other’s culture and help educate the class about the different cultural practices that can influence how a healthcare worker should communicate with the patient. Through completion of this assignment, the students will be able help identify practices or beliefs that can be a possible barrier to good patient care and help decrease health disparities in Radiology.

This high stakes assignment accounts for 15% of the students’ final grade in the course. We scaffold the assignment through a lesson on cultural diversity, cultural competence and patient communication. Following the lesson, we facilitate class discussion on cultural competence and cultures. The lesson and class discussion will provide knowledge on the importance of cultural competence in providing utmost patient care. The assignment also fulfills the Global Learning Core Competency, mid-point deposit, and it reinforces the Written and Oral Communication Abilities.

LaGuardia’s Core Competencies and Communication Abilities


  1. Introduce students to the importance of the ARRT Code of Ethics, including the. Technologist’s accountability and responsibility to the patients and to the field.
  2. Familiarize students with the moral, ethical and legal issues relevant to the healthcare field.


  1. The student should be able to define and explain Cultural Diversity.
  2. The student should be able to understand the different culturally significant attitudes, practices and beliefs and their impact on the delivery of patient care.
  3. The student should be able to explain how lack of cultural knowledge, awareness and sensitivity contributes to health disparities.
  4. The student should be able to understand their role and responsibility as a Future Radiologic Technologist in decreasing health disparities through cultural competence.
  5. The student should be able to identify and discuss practices or strategies that can promote the ethical principles of patient care.


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