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Channon examines the challenges of completing a doctoral degree across different geographical locations and changing job roles. His experience illustrates how logistical challenges involved in carrying out research far removed from the research site, political turmoil and changes in employment status can all necessitate changes in the planned research trajectory. He reflects on an emotional journey, including a particularly challenging viva experience, where he struggled to maintain ownership of his work as a result of distance, dislocation and attempting to heed Introduction 7 conflicting sources of advice. Importantly, Channon’s story brings to light a less-studied phenomenon: the role of faculty feedback, beyond the supervisor, and the effect of such feedback on the research trajectories of doctoral students.


This work was originally published in Becoming a Scholar: Cross-Cultural Reflections on Identity and Agency in an Education Doctorate edited by Maria Savva and Lynn P. Nygaard and published by UCL Press. Available through UCL Press at

This work is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.



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