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Pulling together the various themes that emerged within and across the narratives, this chapter explores four broad categories of challenges and opportunities:

  1. Demands associated with being a ‘peripheral’ student and the function of social networks in developing a sense of belonging.
  2. Issues related to supervisory and other faculty relationships.
  3. Struggles related to identity, language and/or culture.
  4. The role of expert, novice and ‘impostor’ labels in internalizing a scholarly identity.

Each category is unpacked, while also examining the personal characteristics and institutional features that helped the authors along the journey to becoming scholars. After each section, implications for institutional policy and planning are also discussed.


This work was originally published in Becoming a Scholar: Cross-Cultural Reflections on Identity and Agency in an Education Doctorate edited by Maria Savva and Lynn P. Nygaard and published by UCL Press. Available through UCL Press at

This work is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.



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