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Spring 2020


This paper bestows the literature support for the need of innovative curriculum and instruction approaches of College Mathematics courses offered to students in need of remediation. One such curriculum is presented here. Designed in agreement with AMATYC (2018)-IMPACT’s vision, this innovative curriculum & instruction approach aims to create student-centered learning environments, engage students in written and oral communication and meaningful use of technology. It immerses students into subject’s big picture, explaining its components implicitly and narrows the gap between school and out-of-school mathematics.

This is Part 1 of the research project aiming to explore the use of top-down instructions when teaching mathematics thematically as a pedagogical way to introduce students to higher level mathematics regardless of their prior knowledge. The author’s intention conducting this research is to substantiate mathematics teaching and learning pathways that do justice to the students and to mathematics as a subject.


Original publication:

Gjoci, Burkurie. "Learning to use Mathematics vs Mastering Basics." Mathematics-Teaching Research Journal Online, vol. 12, no. 1, Spring 2020,

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