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Despite the rapid growth in the number of Korean Americans (KAs) and the alarmingly high prevalence of depression in this population, relatively little is known about the impact of depression literacy on KAs’ depression. This study investigated the prevalence of depressive symptoms among a community-based sample of KA adults; the associations among socio-demographic characteristics, depression literacy, and depressive symptoms; and predictors related to depressive symptoms. A sample of 600 KAs completed depression and depression literacy scales, as well as socio-demographic questionnaires. Data analyses were conducted to assess the association between depressive symptoms, depression literacy, and the covariates. Forty-five percent of participants showed elevated depressive symptoms. Marital status attained educational level, perceived mental health, and depression literacy were significant predictors of depressive symptoms. Given the high prevalence of depressive symptoms in this population, future research should investigate the causal relationships of various predictors of depression and depression literacy, which will facilitate the development of culturally-appropriate interventions and policies concerning mental health for KAs, and early mental health screening for them.


This article was originally published in Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, vol. 23, Jun 2021 at doi:10.1007/s10903-020-01092-5



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