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In the solar power and conservative energy, our basic mission was to build things that don’t use any sort of fuel that harms the environment. One of the most well-liked ways of conserving energy is using solar panels. Solar panels capture light, and transforms that light into electrical. The first objective in this research was to build an electric car that uses solar panels. To do so we connected a solar panel to a motor which rotates a series of gears that turns the wheels. We used a lot of sunlight though to power the motor enough were the gears spins fast enough to move the car. Capacitors store electric energy, and we could store this electrical energy by taking electrical energy from a source; such as a battery. Another way we produced conservative energy is the use of windmill/wind turbines. For this case we used a wind turbine to rotate a series of gears (similar to the solar power car) which could turn a coil inside a generator (counter clockwise), which produced an electrical energy.


This work was originally published in International Journal of Engineering Research and Development.



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