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Spring 2014


This paper describes an engineering professor’s first attempt at designing and implementing a scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) study in a basic electrical circuits course at LaGuardia Community College. Inspired by his understanding of Lee Shulman’s (2005) concept of “signature pedagogy” and Eric Mazur’s emphasis on student-centered approaches (2009, November 12), and aware that his students did not always understand the electrical theories and concepts presented in class, the author decided to change his pedagogy. He explains his efforts to train his students to think as engineers, first by making them more “visible” and “accountable” in the classroom, and second, by offering them hands-on practice through the use of Multisim, a free and open source simulation software. The implications for the teaching of the basic electrical circuits course are offered as well as the author’s reflection on his own growth as a teacher and his developing understanding of the scholarship of teaching and learning.


This work was originally published in In Transit: The LaGuardia Journal on Teaching and Learning.


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