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While the adoption of mobile devices has recently received research attention, there has been little research focusing on a specific application or service running in mobile devices. In this study, we examine the adoption of short message service (SMS) with the technology acceptance model. The model has been assessed with the data collected from 225 SMS users. Results from the partial least squares analysis show that perceived ease of use of SMS positively affects perceived usefulness of SMS and intention to adopt SMS, and perceived usefulness of SMS also positively affects intention to adopt SMS. Comparing the two factors, perceived usefulness is more influential than perceived ease of use in the SMS adoption, which implies that extrinsic, i.e., task -oriented, characteristics of SMS may be more important than its intrinsic characteristics in the adoption decision. This study includes how the gender moderates the effects of the two factors on the SMS adoption, showing that the effect of perceived ease of use on the SMS adoption is stronger for female. Implications and future research are discussed


This work was originally published in Issues in Information Systems, available at



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