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Richard Tylden Auchmuty founded the New York Trade School in 1881. This constitution was officially adopted November 10, 1892. In this same year, J. Pierpont Morgan contributed a significant endowment for the school as noted on the cover of the constitution. Included in this pamphlet (pp 11-12) are the Articles of Incorporation for the school dated 1891, which created the school as a part of the University of New York system. To keep pace with technological changes following World War II, the school sought to become a technical institute. In 1961, the school's charter was amended to reflect this and the New York Trade School was renamed the Vorhees Technical Institute after the leading industrialist Enders M. Vorhees. Despite the change, the school ran into financial difficulties a result of rising costs by declining enrollments. By 1971 it was decided that the New York City College of Technology should take over the school. The resulting merger is how City Tech acquired this collection.



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