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The student records from 1926/1927 to 1936/1937 are not bound. They are loose cards in a card catalog in the archives, with one drawer per school year. The personal information on the front of the cards (name, address, date of birth, occupation, class name, and date enrolled) seem to have been filled out by the students, since the handwriting on each card varies. Also on the front of the cards, an administrator has filled out the course name, absences, final grade, exam score, and whether an award for completion was granted. The back of the card notes the days attended and the total hours of course work. There is also a section for notes. On the example card it is noted, "Hours of employment irregular & mostly at night. Being anxious to continue Course B, started in the EV. dept. class of 32/33, permission granted for him to come in whenever convenient, during the day. Paid the customary ($20.) for Ev. B2 studies."


Student Records