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Ceramics play a fundamental role in Dentistry and are used widely, due to their ability to mimic the optical characteristics of enamel and dentine, as well as for their biocompatibility and strength. Initially, dental ceramics were materials that formed part of systems, designed with the purpose of producing dental prosthetics that in turn were used to replace missing or damaged dental structures. However, due to the increased demand for esthetics, its development has gone beyond in such a way that it has led to the development of all ceramic restorations. So that, in the last few decades, there have been great advances in the mechanical properties and methods of fabrication of dental ceramic materials. While porcelain-based materials are still an important component of the market, the use of all ceramic systems is growing exponentially. The new generation of ceramic materials present interesting options, both in terms of material selection and in terms of fabrication techniques. A closer understanding of the dynamics of the materials with respect to design of the restoration and the intended use, is necessary to enable these restorations to perform productively. The aim of this study is to attain a general understanding regarding the development in the composition and indications of ceramics in dental applications by the analysis of the evolution that this material has had during the last century in order to obtain esthetic and functional dental prosthesis that replace natural teeth when they are missing.


This poster, the 1st place winner for group posters, was presented at the 31st Semi-Annual Honors and Undergraduate Research Scholars Poster Presentation at New York City College of Technology, Dec. 4, 2019. Mentor: Professor Daniel Alter (Restorative Dentistry).



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