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Place-based education (PBE) has long been recognized as a high-impact educational practice. It embeds learning in a multi-sensory context that nurtures active, praxis-driven, interdisciplinary, and collaborative learning. More recently, educators have begun to utilize digital media and virtual reality technologies in ways that seem to parallel PBE. Using phenomenological concepts, especially following Edmund Husserl and Alfred Schütz, this chapter explores what the parallels and differences might be between physical and virtual places, ontologically as well as in its pedagogical role in PBE. It also attempts to interpret the other chapters of the book in light of the philosophical implications.


Park, Laureen. "Virtual Reality as a Pedagogical Tool for Interdisciplinarity and Place-Based Education." Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Virtual Place-Based Learning. Palgrave Pivot, Cham, 2019. 35-51.

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