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Summer 7-8-2020


This research studies the practice of citation in two cultural communities, the American and the Spanish, in an academic setting. The main objective of this research is to determine what are the rhetorical functions of citations in the master’s thesis of 12 American and 12 Spanish students written in their native language, as well as in scientific articles of 12 American and 12 Spanish professional writers in Applied Linguistics, and to identify the differences found among these groups.

To study this pragmalinguistic phenomenon, I used the computational text analysis of the rhetorical functions of citations via the Antconc 3.2.4w concordance software (Anthony, 2011) and these are arranged in a typological classification, which modified the outline proposed by Petrić in his 2007 article.

The results obtained from this research indicate that the different cultural conventions in the compositions highlight the differences not only in the texts written in English with respect to the Spanish group, but likewise show the rhetorical characteristics identifiable to professional academic discourse and postgraduate students.


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