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For any construction project, there exists a phase of planning known as “pre-construction.” This initial phase of the project provides a definition of the project, identification of potential issues, planning and scheduling, scope, cost estimation, and analysis of needs for the job. My research analyzes a pre-construction case study conducted for Gallop NYC’s Stable in Howard Beach, Queens. The findings suggest that the practice of construction planning is effective in order to avoid delays in construction itself and ensure successful project completion. Supporting literature examines some of the best practices for pre-construction analysis. These include but are not limited to: timing and extent of the survey, identification of vulnerable areas that fall within close proximity of the adjacent structure, and substantial field notes that document the existing conditions prior to the start of demolition, excavation, and construction. This paper contributes to research on pre-construction analysis effectiveness through consideration of City Tech’s CET Capstone project developed with GallopNYC at Sunrise Stables in Queens, NY. Over a course of fifteen weeks, students were able to create a design concept, budget, and schedule based on site visits and interviews conducted with clients. With this data, they put together schematic design documents and linked design work to conceptual budgeting and scheduling. My methodology consisted of conducting a review of literature on pre-construction analysis effectiveness and analyzing the case study for common patterns.


This poster, first place winner for STEM individual projects, was presented at the 33rd Semi-Annual Dr. Janet Liou-Mark Honors and Undergraduate Research Scholars Poster Presentation, Dec. 3, 2020. Mentor: Prof. Anne Marie Sowder (Construction Management and Civil Engineering).

I would like to thank my mentor Professor Anne Marie Sowder for allowing me to work with her and opening my eyes to real-world dilemmas I may face when working in the field. I would also like to thank the Emerging Scholars Program and Undergraduate Research Program for granting me this opportunity to gain relevant research experience in order to build the skills necessary to become a well-rounded professional.



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