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As increasing numbers of women pursue degrees in health service psychology, it is important to understand what they do to promote their wellness in light of the psychosocial stressors associated with doctoral studies. The purpose of this investigation was to identify and conceptualize a diverse range of health promotion behaviors through the application of a mixed methods concept mapping design. Twelve participants sorted qualitative responses from 390 women in health service psychology pertaining to their personal self-care behaviors, resulting in a list of 112 'moderately' to 'extremely' important self-care behaviors. Six clusters of self-care activities emerged: physical wellness, relaxation and stress management, hobbies, interpersonal relations, self-compassion, and outdoor recreation. The concept map depicts the interrelatedness of self-care behaviors that were rated as important by women. Women in health service psychology programs can use these behaviors, some of which have not previously been included on self-care inventories and checklists, to promote their physical, psychological, and spiritual health.


Published as Ayala, E. E., & Almond, A. L. (2018). Self-care of women enrolled in health service psychology programs: A concept mapping approach. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 49(3), 177–184.



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