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Developing a student evaluation for interdisciplinary teaching revealed a clearer goal for interdisciplinary course assessment. This chapter summarizes how interdisciplinary course assessment is a cooperative and reflexive process. Using professional judgment and a working group of peers, interdisciplinary courses maintain their integrity through regular reviews. A reflection on experiences with team-teaching, guest lecturing, and learning-communities is also included. Best practices for interdisciplinary course maintenance and concepts of validity are applied to the debate between evaluation and assessment methods. By fostering transparency, accountability, and peer-led critiques, interdisciplinary learning objectives within courses are sustained each semester. Recognizing concerns regarding evaluation, flexible approaches to assessment are driven by data and remain distinct from professional benchmarking.


Originally published as Almond A.L. (2020) A Psychologist’s Perspective for Coordinating Interdisciplinary Courses. In: Lansiquot R.D. (eds) Interdisciplinary Team Teaching. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

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