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Spring 2021


As the world currently faces a global pandemic where anyone can get sick from COVID-19, one way for people to stay safe from the general public is by wearing face masks. This project involves the design, construction, and testing of a disinfection station device for face masks where the user can clean and dry their face masks in order to make them safe to be used multiple times. The device consists of a temperature & humidity sensor (to measure the temperature of water), push button, potentiometer, servo motors, DC motor, and LEDs attached to an Arduino UNO. This device follows a finite state machine approach, where it uses a push button to move from one state to another. In the first state, it will turn the servo motors to move the tray of face masks down and back up to a box filled with water to wash the face masks. In the second state, it will turn the DC motor using a potentiometer to dry off the face masks. During the operation of the device, different LEDs will emit different colors to show different states of the program. Additionally, by using data communication with the PC Serial Monitor, the same actions can be performed as the push button, to go from one state to another, if the user chooses to not use the push button. This project will undergo troubleshooting by using sample codes to test the hardware components. By the end of this project, a complete documentation of the project will be recorded in a poster format. Due to the world having to face COVID-19, now is the time to show the importance of creating devices such as this to stay safe and healthy. This project was inspired by a similar device created by Jean Noel Lefebvre.


This poster was presented at the 34th Semi-Annual Honors and Undergraduate Research Scholars Poster Presentation at New York City College of Technology, May 5, 2021. Mentor: Professor Farrukh Zia (Computer Engineering Technology).



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