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The recent pandemic outbreak has triggered a global alarm to increase efforts on finding the best methods to mitigate contagious viral pathogens. This project is a continuation of our mission to study engineering guidelines needed to implement upgrades to HVAC Systems in order to deter airborne pathogens such as the covid-19 virus. In our previous projects we researched how covid-19 can possibly flow through the ambient air inside of restaurants, office spaces, and locomotive train cabins. As we continued our research, we were able to find some solutions that will be best used to deactivate and prevent the virus from spreading inside duct systems and into public spaces. In this project we focused on assessing the effectiveness of in-duct Ultra Violet (UV)-C Lamp irradiation and its arrangement and installation according to the latest research and mechanical engineering research guidelines.


This poster was presented at the 34th Semi-Annual Dr. Janet Liou-Mark Honors & Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation, May 5, 2021 and at the CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP) 2021 Summer Session. Mentor: Prof. Daeho Kang (Environmental Technology)

Links to Video Presentation (5 minute version) and 10 minute Director's cut)