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The Twisted Sister is a four-wheel mobile robot that can twist its front wheels to navigate the rough terrains. Each wheel is driven by a DC motor. The front wheels can be raised by a DC gearmotor which is connected to a worm gear system. The rover chassis is made of sheet metal cut from water jet. An Arduino robot controller is mounted on the Twisted Sister Rover. A remote controller is equipped with two tiny joysticks. One joystick is used to control the movement of the rover and the other joystick to used to either raise or lower the front wheels. Wireless communication is through Xbee radio modules, one mounted on the rover and one mounted on the remote controller. The project teaches the students on how to integrate mechanical design, electronic design, and software design (programming) into producing new products. It helps the students to realize the importance of hands-on multidisciplinary approach to product design.


Zhang, A., & Vicente, B., & Ortiz, A. D., & Xiao, A., & Baroudi, A., & Marsetti, A., & Kowchai, R. M. (2015, June), MAKER: Twisted Sister Rover Paper presented at 2015 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Seattle, Washington. 10.18260/p.24457, © 2015 American Society for Engineering Education.



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