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Fall 2019


This course is designed to immerse students into the practice of Italian conversation and into the world of verbal performance. We will familiarize with the vocabulary, expressions and registers that Italians use to express themselves on radio and television, in newspapers, cafés, universities, offices, and on the streets. We will discuss cinema and music, politics and sports; we will learn how to navigate job interviews and interactions with strangers, both friendly and hostile. All the while, we will review and expand our vocabulary and grammatical competencies.

Classroom activities include debates, skits, role-play scenarios, task-based scenarios, as well as more traditional close readings, presentations, and oral exams.


This is an OER/Zero-cost-textbook course, which will make ample use of VOCAT (Video Oral Communication Assessment Tool), an open source application developed by colleagues at CUNY’s Baruch College and especially hosted on the Graduate Center’s Digital Commons servers for an experimentation with our class. You will need to download a copy of this app on your mobile phone, or to access it through a computer. Future iterations of this course might require a separate install of VOCAT's open source software on a college server. For further information and arrangements, please contact the staff at the Teaching and Learning Center of CUNY's Graduate Center.

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ITAL223_assignment_rubric.pdf (66 kB)
Sample rubric for VOCAT assignments and classroom oral presentations