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In this lightning round session, panelists discuss how a small but spirited archive is adapting to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since Queens College Special Collections and Archives is largely staffed by current and recent graduates of the college's graduate program in Library and Information Studies, this is a special opportunity to hear from a diverse group of emerging professionals during a challenging and rapidly changing time in the field.


Lightning round presentation recorded for the New York Archives Conference virtual 2021 conference.

NYAC_Part1_Management.mp4 (11584 kB)
Part I: Management

NYAC_Part3A_Transition.mp4 (24301 kB)
Part 3A: Transition

NYAC_Part3B_Transition.mp4 (35016 kB)
Part 3B: Transition

NYAC_Part4_Adaptation.mp4 (25094 kB)
Part 4: Adaptation

NYAC_Part2_Disruption.mp4 (188918 kB)
Part 2: Disruption


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