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Spring 2-20-2020


This file contains Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) data for routine activity of members of the TT-2 colony during a 26 day period in April 2015. The data are organized into a state matrix where the last known location for each of the 49 animals in the colony is listed in each row. A new row means that the raw data file updated the location of one animal. The leftmost column gives the date and time of the event, the headers for the other 49 columns give the RFID code for each of the animals in the colony. Animals demonstrated to be at the same reader or another reader in the same chamber during the same event are considered to be located together. The datafile contains four 60-hour weekends (8PM Friday- 8AM Monday) which were analyzed in detail because human intervention was minimal.


The data are stored as a comma separated values (csv) file. The attached colony layout map shows the antenna arrangement (Black rings labeled 1-19) and the chamber arrangement (white squares lettered A-N). Toilet cages (T) and the food cage (F) are noted.

TT-2_colony Layout_April2015.png (72 kB)
Colony layout map