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Spring 2011


In order to maintain high quality service and strengthen retention of part-time librarians, this article addresses ways of engaging new part-time librarians and re-engaging long-time part-time librarians. Part-time librarians are hired primarily to work hours outside the traditional work week or as temporary replacements for unanticipated vacancies, yet they end up providing a third of the service, solely, during evenings and weekends in most small to mid-sized academic institutions. Most are brought in with very little training or orientation to the institution and are expected to hit the ground running while maintaining quality service. This article provides managers with suggestions to better integrate part-time librarians into fabric of the institution.


The is the submitted version of an article originally published in College and Undergraduate Libraries:

Jones, Wilma L. “Re-Engaging/Engaging Part-time Librarians.” College & Undergraduate Libraries, v. 18: no. 1 (Spring 2011), p. 37-43.


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